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Ryan Vai

Foraging for wild herbs and fungi encourages a love for peculiarity. I often include various hand picked materials in my work, placing emphasis on idiosyncratic form. My fondness for asymmetry and anomaly is deeply rooted in an acceptance of worldly impermanence. I interpret the subtle inconsistencies of each plant as direct evidence of its character and inevitable limitation. Similar to the Japanese aesthetic of Wabi-Sabi, my beauty ideal is intentionally flawed, and incomplete. Intended to draw the psyche deeper into its multiplicity rather than deadening or distracting the senses.


I find refuge from the chaotic intrusions of modern life amid the forests and meadows of Chester County. 

Often returning to the places I explored as a child, my regional excursions have taken the form of an unrelenting muse. Wild terrain beckons me forth by way of coarse beauty and endless variation. Speaking in riddles of pattern and chaos, creation and entropy. Intimate contact with the land greatly informs my sensibility as an Artist. Whether a fine oil painting, or intricate floral design, my content places Nature at the center of every narrative.



 Wreaths made with locally foraged plants & natural specimens. Unique designs built to last for years to come!