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Ryan vai

My work marries wild spaces with a formal background in the Fine Arts. Growing up in Chadds Ford, PA- my Mother taught me how to forage, work with dried flowers & identify native plant species. We made frequent visits to Longwood Gardens & Winterthur- which firmly established my fascination with botanical artistry.  

As a young adult, I studied at Moore College of Art in Philadelphia, to develop my skill as a painter, which prompted me to approach wreath making through the lens of Fine Art. 

Today, I utilize both mediums in an effort to express my vision of wild beauty.



Ryan Vai Portrait

Each wreath begins with a base of hand-woven wild vines collected locally. I slowly dry all materials before assembly and occasionally apply a glaze for longevity.


They are capable of lasting for many seasons- often years. It's a fascinating way to bring natural elements into your home & celebrate plants you might not be familiar with. 



Designs are entirely natural, handmade and one of a kind. Decorative elements are sourced year round through foraging & growing select plants in my garden. A close relationship with seasonal availability is featured in every wreath, making them a genuine reflection of the local area. My aim is to inspire a true appreciation for native plants & their wild, often overlooked, beauty.


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