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Creative Rituals

Crafting beautiful images requires time, patience, and a great deal of caffeine. Due to the lengthy process of my work, I imbue it with romance every step along the way. Meaningful techniques and substances are included as often as possible. Being a woman of Italian heritage, I've always admired the work of Renaissance Masters. Through research, I discovered that copper was often used as a foundation for painting. Artists of yore would rub the luminous surface with raw garlic to help pigments stick. This practice has become part of my personal repertoire.

To further enhance my connection with traditional techniques, I've adopted a unique strategy for painting still life compositions. The arrangements themselves are full of special objects which I've collected over time. Personal artifacts, foraged bones, and treasured gifts from those I love. Several designs feature ritual objects as described in historical accounts of ancient Folk Magic practiced in Northern Italy.

Works on Copper

Once the still life composition has been crafted, I turn my attention toward lighting. The technique I employ is called "chiaroscuro" or a dramatic use of light and shadow. All artificial light is extinguished. I then carefully surround the objects with candles, and paint using them as my only source of light. This method produces a great deal of theater and lively shadows while working on a piece.

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