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Sourcing Inspiration

The muses come in many forms. Foraged botanicals, vintage brass trinkets, bones, and Etruscan folk magic have been on my mind lately. Alas, there is nothing new under the Sun. As Artists, we revive ideas lost to time, making them fresh and relevant again. I especially enjoy digging deep into history and personal heritage for my sources of inspiration.

Much of my youth was spent exploring the Brandywine Valley in Pennsylvania. My Mother would insist we pay close attention to the clouds, the seasons, the plants. "Look" was her mantra. As a forager, and craft artist, she had an eye for anomalous beauty- and made it her mission to educate me. We wandered the woods picking turkey tail mushrooms, weaving grapevine into hoops, and searching for colorful feathers. Leaving a small rustic work of art hidden in the woods became tradition, and I always wondered who might find it... Spontaneous creativity like this blew my mind as a kid. When Nature becomes a tool of self expression, you never run out of material. Crafting wreaths will always remind me of my Mother, and the valuable skills she shared with me.

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